8 Free COVID-19 Tests Each Month

Did you know most patients are eligible for 8 free COVID-19 at home test kits monthly? Tests are available at Lake Milton Pharmacy for pickup or free shipping to your front door! If you’re interested in these free at home COVID-19 tests, call us at (330) 654-3792.

Medicare and Medicaid patients are eligible to receive 8 at home tests monthly with no out of pocket costs.

On commercial insurance? Give us a call. We will submit a claim to your insurance company to verify coverage. If your insurance plan is unable to be billed, please contact your insurance company to discuss reimbursement options. Health plans are required to have a reimbursement process for members purchasing at-home tests.

For any questions, or to request your free tests, call us at (330) 654-3792

Shingles Vaccine Free with Medicare Part D Plans


Great news! The Shingles Vaccine, Shingrix, is now FREE for those with Medicare Part D plans.

Shingrix is recommended for all adults 50 and older, even if you’ve had the previous shingles vaccine called Zostavax.

Walk-ins are welcome. No appointment is required. If you have any questions regarding the shingles vaccine or any other questions, give us a call at (330) 654-3792.